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A piece that embraces individual expression, with a focus on raising social awareness and affirming human kinship and togetherness. Our relationship with Igniting Change is poignant in honouring our connection between products, and people.

This partnership allows us to delve into our creativity and find new ways to share stories. We’re able to celebrate the effect of human kindness, and thoughtfulness; even though we’re living in a challenging moment. Through it all, we are finding new, honest ways to connect with ourselves and those around us. These times have been a reminder, it is not just about design, but the power of selfexpression to communicate something far more profound. This is a turning point for driving lasting change.

The Leather Mouse Pad originated from ideas of heritage, human essence, and a return to our grassroots. The way we design is an expression of the way we think. Our sentiment is captured in our practices of sustainability and no-waste offerings. Utilising off-cuts, and fine art colours capture this modern making moment; an approach not compromising in luxury, or quality craftsmanship. It is about innovation and experimentation. This philosophy of up-cycling has enriched our design and production practices for people and the planet. The Mouse Pad reflects the change we want to ignite through a collective, collaborative and creative kindness. It is a customisable accessory, finished with handmade leather, and a foambacked with moulded palm. The piece offers a personalised touch with Hand Embossed Initials. Bespoke customisation harnesses these ideas of inclusivity and equality; emphasising fashions ability to make us feel. As an accessory, it is purposeful and imbued with strength and creative ambitions.

20% of proceeds will be donated to Igniting Change who have sought to continue to support the incredible existence of Giant Steps through our partnership at this time. Giant Steps is a centre for education which helps change the lives of children, and young adults living with autism. We celebrate their social commitment to innovative and individualised education. This ripple effect will create a grounding change within communities - building resilience in human beings and offering lines of connection.

Embarking on this collaborative journey allows us to offer real positive change within communities. Through our creative corner, we will play a part in continuing action and conversation. This a moment in which we can all feel empowered. By buying this mousepad, you too, are igniting change.

Written by Jade Carp

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Leather Mouse Pad       $120
Hand Embossed Initials $50
A-ESQUE Exclusively Made in Australia.

20% of proceeds will be donated to Igniting Change

Corporate orders are welcome and will attract a higher % donation for orders over 10 pieces. We would love to hear from you at and







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