Anatomy of a Bag

In the first of our Insight Series: Anatomy of a Bag, we share with you an insight into the making of the Carry All Handler Midi. Here, we deconstruct the conceptual and physical elements that give life to this longstanding piece in the A-ESQUE collection.

The anatomy of a bag tells you everything about how the piece is constructed. The components unite to shape a cohesive design; like bones in a body, their construction define the outer appearance.  

The creative philosophy behind the Carry All Handler Midi centres on the significance of construction, which defines the aesthetic you experience. The details of this piece are not overtly obvious but look to subliminally create desire that is felt. To this end, the construction and making process is intrinsically linked to our brand DNA, from how we make to the process we undertake. 

Minimising waste is a key pillar in our production process, primarily during pattern making and leather cutting. We always look to cut the bag efficiently but have compromised in this case by creating a pattern that is formed through two pieces. The singular moulded form creates a feeling that eliminates excess from the construction of the Carry All Handler Midi; indulging in two single pieces shaped beneath rather than separate pieces for body and base.  

Tensions between design and efficiency are interesting in the sense that they often signal opportunities to confront restraints creatively. At times a stronger outcome may emerge in the construction of the bag as a result. Therefore, we find it crucial to nurture the tension and question possible design outcomes.  

Balancing the level of construction needed to ensure high functionality, with the desire to strip away unnecessary excess in the construction of a piece, is a difficult task. Adding further layers of complexity, are the expectations held by the final owners of the Carry All Handler Midi, in relation to what constitutes the ideal ‘everyday bag’, which is embraced as an investment piece projected to deliver on both beauty and longevity.  

Each leather component of the Carry All Handler Midi is carefully hand cut in our Atelier, stitched, and assembled using traditional machinery and hand techniques. It is the unique anatomy of this piece that allows for concealing and revealing the distinct nuances that truly signify the design DNA of A-ESQUE. 

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Handler manufacturing

1 & 2. Front and back panels of the body.
3 & 4. Outer panels of turned handles. 
5. Inner panel of shoulder strap. 
6. Hidden internal pocket. 
7 & 8. Front pocket lining. 
9. Small loop tucked into base of turned handle for attaching shoulder strap. 
10. Tab that loops dog clip to the shoulder strap. 
11. Front internal lining piece. 
12. Back internal lining piece. 
13. A-ESQUE logo tag. 
14 & 15. Inner panels of turned handles. 
16. Outer panel of shoulder strap. 
17. Internal cover for zip end. 
18. Tab that loops dog clip to the shoulder strap. 
19. Small loop tucked into base of turned handle for attaching shoulder strap. 
20. Internal cover for zip end.  


Carry All Handler Midi
Carry All Handler Midi with Super Stud Rainbow Strap Short
Art Basel Hong Kong 2018
Carry All Handler Midi
Amanda wearing Carry All Handler Midi with Super Stud Rainbow Strap Short
Art Basel 2018 Hong Kong 
Artwork by Enrico Castellani 
Carry All Handler Midi
Carry All Handler Midi
Carry All Handler Midi with Super Stud Rainbow Strap
@Lukatanitarey Photographed by Rachelle Opie 
Toorak, Melbourne 2018
Carry All Handler MidiCarry All Handler Midi
South Yarra, Melbourne 2018


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