Belt Bag Decoded

We invited @miss_sarahlew to share her styling of the Crescent Belt Bag

We love the elevated casual style she is mixing at this moment with key items in blazer, tracksuit, and tee. Sarah's colour-blocking, working back to the crossbody style feels agile and fresh.

We asked Sarah to elaborate on her styling concept around how to wear a belt bag. “I think because it is a bit more sporty in essence, a belt bag…it’s not something that people typically use with a blazer,” Sarah explains. “There’s something I like about having a blazer, which is classically a more…formal piece of clothing, and I love doing that with all my clothes…I try to be versatile with everything.”

Sarah finds that styling in this way evokes a feeling of still being very current. “I think lately given, you know, the environment that we’re living in,” she suggests, “you want to put something on that’s practical, but still stylish.”

The versatility of a belt bag is what attracts Sarah to embrace the piece as an everyday essential’s carrier. “You need that adjustability,” she clarifies. “If I’m wearing something more detailed, I sort of swing it across to the back…if I’m wearing something more simple…I can wear it higher up.”

In terms of belted versus crossbody, Sarah embraces both modes of wearing, relative to her chosen outfit on the day. “I don’t really wear a belt bag on my waist unless I’m in activewear or with a very oversized shirt or blazer,” she admits. “Typically, I just throw them on crossbody, I think that’s the way they work best.”

“I’m just really into clean, non-descript, chic, good quality and that’s what this one is,” Sarah states, whilst also happily declaring that “it’s not age restricting”. 


Crescent Belt Bag

Styling the mid length Crescent Belt Bag
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Crescent Belt Bag

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