Holiday Pleasures

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh

The late Virgil Abloh was a revolutionary in the fashion space, and the new Louis Vuitton book on his time with the house pays homage to his incredible work. We love how he articulated and documented his creative process. At the time this was a real source of inspiration for creative transparency and how social media could be used as a medium for this.

Armand van Helden

Armand van Helden, Record Cover

Currently loving ‘U Don’t Know Me’ by Armand van Helden and Duane Harden. An older track with a modern sound, uplifting, vibrant and buzzing with energy. The perfect holiday nights anthem.

Armand Enninful

A Visible Man, Edward Enninful

Changemaker and fashion industry icon, Edward Enninful, has written a beautiful and moving memoir on his journey of how he, a Black, gay, working-class refugee went on to become the first Black editor-in-chief of British Vogue. It's the story behind a true creative and how he helped the world redefine what we consider beauty. A great holiday read.

Focal Headphones

Focal Headphones

A complete gamechanger in the realm of audio experiences. Listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks with complete clarity and the crispest of sound or totally cancel all noise. These headphones are now a staple on vacation and at home.

Carry All Tall White Wash

Carry All Tall White-Wash

We love the Carry-All-Tall at A-ESQUE HQ. Pack in all the summer essentials or use for travelling between destinations. The laid-back-luxe style is also complementary to a whole wardrobe of outfits and has soft, slouchy and oversized in its DNA.

Recovery Labs Cold Plunge

Cold Plunge, Recovery Lab

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying a cold plunge or ice bath, we recommend the freezing but wonderful tubs at Recovery Lab. They are fabulous for muscle recovery and depuffing. You know you're alive during this experience.


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