The Creators Crescent

I was invited to share my perspective and take on A-ESQUE’s newly released, Creators Crescent. This is my experience in finding the meaning behind its luxury and defining the essence of the piece. After exploring the physical anatomy of the bag, I was able to reflect on its spirited quality, diverse influences, and purposeful vision. - Jade Carp


For creators, Made by creators.

AESQUE’s coveted high cross-body bag has been reimagined. The result, a curved crescent form of artisanal quality that is both practical and desirable. The silhouette has a compact, structured shape that celebrates the creative inside us all.

Creators Crescent Tan

It is primarily about the colours: a fresh palette with hues of deep khaki, tan, elephant duo, wine, and navy. The new bag remains a staple piece, capturing the discrete display of timelessness and luxury inherent in the brand’s fabric.

The intricate details play on a mix of old and new - with a vintage stripe scarf tied through each end into a mid-size knot. Close up; it is all about the gold-tone buckle, and the Italian full-grain aniline leather.

Creators Crescent
Creators Crescent

The impression is not of conventionality. Instead, it is a statement of boldness, circling back to a more ‘fashion than function’ case. There is a spirit, and lightness to the softly structured pouch as you can take the piece on and off without needing to adjust the length—an adaptability enabling underarm, high cross-body and clutch wear.

This bag is the ultimate companion, providing us with a moment of escapism. It has a personal touch, limited by only your imagination: a bag cultivating a cult audience, melding confidence, and versatility—a perspective so long associated with the brand’s influential design.

With simple lines and conscious craftsmanship, the piece embraces control and fluidity of movement. The bag demonstrates A-ESQUE’s pared-back approach to slow fashion and considered production - a brand truly synonymous with localism and longevity.

The Creators Crescent is reminiscent of your favourite pouch bag, harking back to the fundamentals. However, re-conceptualised, and making it relevant for the everyday woman. The inspiration came from influential thinkers, and artistic visionaries - the bag is dependent on each woman, their aesthetic and their interpretations of themselves. It invites a freedom to explore the stylistic creativity within us all.

The pieces are emblematic of reimagining the past, with the future, striking a subtle balance between the two. Aesthetically speaking, the Creators Crescent is a daring, yet obvious choice for the every day—a testament to the modern, empowered women.

Written by Jade Carp

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