Luxury Leather Bags

Crafted by hand in our Melbourne Atelier, the current collection features totes, shoulder and crossbody bags, sophisticated clutches and puffas. Every piece offers a private luxury and wearable experience, created for discerning people who appreciate quality and a subtle aesthetic that improves over time with wear. Limited production keeps each piece meaningful and desirable, attracting collectors and purveyors of independent creative thinking and quality. See more

Luxury in Leather Bags

Discover the private luxury and wearable experience of our handmade, detail-driven leather handbags. Our collection of luxury leather bags includes a oversized slouchy tote softly structured shoulder and luminous metallic pieces. An A-ESQUE leather bag is designed to improve with time.

Our crossbody pieces for women are a pleasure to wear. Each piece is made with signature hardware. Adjustable bag straps are a valued inclusion in the collection.

As makers of contemporary luxury leather handbags, our Atelier subscribes to a lean and local production model of manufacturing exclusively in Melbourne Australia.


What materials are used to create A-ESQUE's luxury bags and accessories?

How can I care for and maintain my A-ESQUE's bags to ensure its longevity?

How can I determine the appropriate size and style of an A-ESQUE bag for my needs?

Can I request a custom design or personalisation for my A-ESQUE handbag or accessory?

Do A-ESQUE bags come with any warranties or guarantees for quality and craftsmanship?