Envelope Metallic Midnight

$253.00 CAD
Product Details

When you want your handheld device to be discreetly housed in the palm of your hand or neatly enveloped inside a compact bag. The handmade, double layer leather envelope closes securely with its concealed magnetic closure enabling you to become more subtle and less distracted by your visible electronic devise.

The envelope is a statement of simplicity and confidence. Accomodating an iPhone plus neatly and not more than that. The Envelope in Metallic Midnight is a delicate article, not flimsy or soft aimed at being a finishing touch piece that can sit discreetly on a table and look far more attractive than the outer case of a phone cover or the metal of a phone. Sending better signals to your company.

Handcrafted in our Melbourne Atelier, created from Italian metallic leather with no visible hardware.

Inspired by a paper envelope the double sided leather article encases a concealed magnetic closure, nestled between the inner and outer layer.

Product Features
  • 100% Italian Metallic Midnight leather
  • 100% Italian leather lining
  • Concealed, secure magnet enabling closure
metallic mini

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