Pre-Order Release #1
Order Window                  25 -29 May
Delivery from Atelier      03-05 June


Grocer Bag                           $650   
Grocer Bag Original          $500 (one colour) / $550 (mix colour)    


  • Pre Order means we take orders before we produce
  • We consolidate orders taken during the pre-order period and make them at one time.
  • Pre-order allows us to reduce waste and maximise efficiency, which reduces the price.
  • Our production capacity is limited, therefore we will close orders if the promised delivery is compromised by the volume of orders.
  • Since we will not carry stock of pre-order lines, we urge you to select carefully. Typically pre-order products will be familiar and simple in their design, therefore we assume your choice is final.
  • At the time of the pre-order release, we will not be able to confirm what will be offered in the future. We may repeat the pre-order collection, edit the offer or make it a one-off.
  • Colour mixes and metallics are a higher price due to the extra work in changing threads. Colour combinations and metallic mixes take more time to make at the Atelier.
  • Our complimentary delivery service within Australia and AUD $20 on international orders will remain in place for our first pre-order release, but cannot be guaranteed in future.