A-ESQUE x Pedla Upcycling Experiment

Our Upcycling experiment involving the transformation of surplus cycling jerseys into printed Totes is a collaboration with Melbourne based Pedla, a cycling apparel brand we share a passion for creativity and collaboration with. Highlighting the importance and possibilities of sustainability in the fashion industry was a joint purpose with this experiment.

After playing with a pile of surplus cycling jerseys dropped at the Atelier in November of 2023, the Atelier process was an experiment in trial and error, looking at how we could re imagine these products using our skills and importantly make each piece desirable and functional. The idea of transforming past season garments into re imagined products to add value and extend life is interesting and inspiring.

The upcycling process began with careful consideration of design and material selection. Hand cut and custom matched handles were selected from off cuts of current and past seasons stored in the A-ESQUE surplus archive for re use. The off-cut leather was then matched individually to the vests, hand cut, then hand turned and stitched all before being applied to pre determined shoulder panels that had been decided based on a placement pattern to ensure the functionality of the bag. The upcycling process involved the transformation of the vest to ensure arm holes and access points were tucked and stitched, the front body zip closed with a matching tab and testing of stitch strength to ensure the outcome is a functional tote. Each piece was repurposed, one at a time, transformed to a bag with care and precision. On reflection it’s clear that up-cycling is a custom process that increases the value of original products by way of the customisation and human touch required for transformation. In the case of this project A-ESQUE adopted a functional and fashion lens to produce a limited-edition series of totes/shoppers from Pedla surplus.



The collaboration between A-ESQUE and Pedla represents a bold step forward in the journey towards a more sustainable fashion industry. By upcycling past garments into unique bags, we hope to demonstrate the power of creativity, collaboration, and conscious consumption. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, collaborations like this serve as an example of what is possible when brands come together to make a positive impact on what exists.


View the entire collection or discover our latest pieces.


View the entire Collection or discover our latest pieces