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Halo Day Satchel

Introducing the new Halo Day Satchel

The new Halo Day Satchel is an evolution of the existing style but now sporting a longer strap for cross-body wear. The bag was originally designed by founder, Amanda, for her son who was travelling when he was 19. The new style is now available for pre-order.

New ways to style the Puffa

The Puffa is loved for its great shape and versatility. It is spacious, so is great as a day-to-night bag and can be worn four different ways – as a clutch, with the long thin strap, the long thick strap, and the chain strap meaning the styling possibilities are endless. Grocer Totes

Spotted Travelling – Grocer Totes on Tour

The Grocer Totes make for an excellent travel companion – perfect for carry-on or as an overnighter. Recently spotted on Rozalia Russian who wears the Grocer Tote Deluxe in Black and Katherine Denton who wears the Grocer Tote 2.0 in Black. A-Esque Atelier

BTS on film

A lens into the lean production behind the scenes at the A-ESQUE Atelier. The makers are all crafting the bags in real time – only producing what we need and ensuring that no material goes to waste. We welcome all guests into the Atelier, where you can preview the makers craft a bag from scratch and take a better look at the intricate detailing involved in creating each A-ESQUE bag.


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