The Belt Bag Evolution

The Belt Bag has defined our design direction for 2020. The evolutionary approach we have taken is one of adaptation and alteration. There is a blend of function and form that has perfectly suited this time. It caters to the essentials we carry, it allows mobility but a casual feel that is suitable and practical. My ambition with our collection has been to make pieces you can enjoy from suits to sweats. I want our pieces to be the dressed up elements in what is likely to be a casual wardrobe in 2020. I imagine our Belt Bags worn with a wide cross section of clothing, not being limited to casual. I want them to give you an elevated feeling when worn, and to feel just as wearable in times ahead as today. I think our fashion tastes will emerge in contrast to what they are today. I imagine our bags at that time being worn. I want our pieces to be forward moving. 

Belt Bag 2.0 Introduced August 2020


At the Atelier, testing Belt Bag 2.0 Beige Mix

Belt Bag 2.0 Elephant


Crescent Belt Bag launched August 2020

What Has Evolved :
  • Eyelets
  • Removable strap
  • Greater adjustability on strap length
  • Colour development and mix options
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