Embracing Experimentation: Finding Meaningful Motivation

Experimentation is central to our motivation for 2022. Hayley Thompson shares the thinking from a series of conversations and workshops with Founder and Creative Director Amanda Briskin-Rettig.
 The Clay Work ShopClay Workshop
Leaning into experimentation and natural chemistry we unearth, unforced, what we find meaningful. Whether it is cluttered, colourful or neutral, everything is possible if it is underpinned by soul and creative expression. As a team we talk about creating desire and the need for nothing.
Experimentation includes realising new ways of wearing pieces from recent, past releases, extending the life of what collectors have invested in and exploring explosive colour. Our starting point for 2022 was a connection to existing patterns in unforgiving colour, working back to modest, androgynous personal style. 
When we experiment with the meaning of longevity in the pieces we create, we explore not only quality and prolonged life but connection to the style of the piece, how a piece makes us feel, how we perceive it may be felt by others and the significance of a design’s enduring appeal. We strive to extract the extent of what our current designs can offer in fresh forms of wear by nurturing a bond with the experience of experimentation and private luxury.Rainbow Lorikeet wearing colour well
Vintage luxury inspired
Sample Bag
Wide leg pants and boots
Our connection to fashion is a never ending point of consideration and tension. We love spontaneous and considered choices of self expression and this is where we fall back in love with the potential fashion poses.

To this end we embrace experimentation, self representation and being real.


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