Express Your Identity

The Stand Out Life Podcast by Ali Hill

Excerpt from the 'Stand Out Life' Podcast by Ali Hill

Expressing who you are is a bold act, finding outlets for your identity to shine requires courage. It’s been a consistent theme and drive for today’s guest. Amanda Briskin-Rettig is an Australian-born designer, author of one of the country’s most successful fashion stories and the formidable creative impetus behind label A-ESQUE.

In 1996, Amanda founded accessories giant Mimco, and built the brand into a fashion powerhouse over twelve years prior to its sale in 2007. We chat about this journey and where Amanda’s drive for hard-work comes from. In 2012, inspired afresh, Amanda launched A-ESQUE. The label celebrates a rational approach to design that champions traditional artisan skills, high-quality materials, sustainable production methods, and a functional aesthetic.

Creativity, expression, beauty and a healthy dollop of I’ve got this drip from this conversation with Amanda. Beyond the labels and success stories is a beautiful conversation about heart, family, and wisdom. Soak up the insights from the generously driven Amanda Briskin-Rettig.

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