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We asked Yvette Caprioglio  to bring to life the experience of using Pleat Clutch. Here is Her Take in words.

The sublimely chic Pleat Clutch is a classic case of form following function. It also presents a juxtaposition of being beautifully under the radar while packing a resolute punch in its performance.  I instinctively gravitate towards Black, Khaki or Navy as mainstays of a wardrobe and a bag is no different. 

I desire a product that’s more than just aesthetically appealing, so the materiality and design integrity are on my radar too. The soft hand feel of the leather and suede lining are given gravitas by a flat-bottomed design, meaning it fits more in it than you’d expect, adding a duality as a day to night bag.

I like to carry a black felt tip and a notebook; my current favourite was a gift ‘Lateral Thinking’ by Smythson, my glasses, a couple of lip glosses, phone, keys and other morsels I collect along the way as I’m a bit of a bower bird.

This clutch sits neatly under my arm and there’s a covert long strap that transforms this piece into a crossbody option, so I have free hands to handle my dog and the phone all at once, which of course I love.

Words Yvette Caprioglio  Experiential Creative, Style Editor at Est Magazine

Pleat Clutch

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