Early ISO - Picture Journal

The last few months have presented change on so many levels. The onset of Covid-19 propelled me to share more on a personal level through my work.

This came about in a very organic way and was a function of necessity in how I felt we needed to communicate and continue as a business.

I wanted to remain creative but contained, to keep our team in jobs, and seek inspiration in the unexpected. This approach allowed us to keep moving while remaining interesting and relevant. I felt driven to dig deep but be light about reality while retaining respect for what is and was unfolding.

We shared a picture journal with our subscribers documenting A-ESQUE moments in March, shared again below.

Bar Bag Mellow Grande

Left: Bar Bag Mellow Grande and Slippers | Right: Market Madness Momentum Mood, Bar Bag Mellow Grande

Object Box emerges from the archive

Home Space Pleasures: Object Box emerges from the archive

Temporary Closure of Our Flagship

Temporary Closure of Our Flagship

Hobo One Piece

Left: #WFH Mood: Hobo One Piece   |   Right: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Barrel-Esque Patch

Left: #WFH Nutrition  |   Right: Barrel-Esque Patch 


Left: Melbourne Mornings   |   Right: Comfort wear Jac+Jack

Mellow Grande

The First ISO Launch Mellow Grande

Bar Bag

Left: Comfort Styling Revolution, Top: Terry Towelling, Shoes: Birkenstock, Bag: Bar Bag  |   Right: Bar Bag Mellow family

Our Atelier

At Our Atelier with new morning cleaning protocol and Hayley's IG video posts 

Petal Pack

New Teaming: Latex Gloves, Sweater: Jac+Jack, Bag: Petal Pack


Left: Morning Assembly, Bag: Jac+Jack, Shoes: Birkenstock  |    Right: #WFH

Bar Bag Grande

Left: Bar Bag Grande   |   Right: Bar Bag Grande, Console: USM from Anibou

Bar Bag Collection

Left:  #WFH Nutrition     |    Right: Couch Potatoes with Bar Bag Collection


Left: Kisume goes takeaway



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