Our 'New Experiences' Narrative

Our creative expression, your distinct experience 

We welcome you to reimagine how you perceive an accessory or bag by applying a lens of experience, tapping into a new connection to the pieces you wear.

We’ve approached the design of this assortment of new pieces by centring our focus on the concept of experience; the experience of wearing, what the wearing experience engages with conceptually for us, and for you as the wearer, and the experience-based themes we feel connected to at this time. It embodies a collection of experiences to overhaul how you feel, when “need” is not a driver and the experience or impression of a piece takes precedence.

Collection of new experiences

The pieces within 'A Collection of New Experiences' interconnect through key aesthetic touch points: 

  • Elongated strands
  • Naturally lopsided
  • Macro-scale and micro-scale structures
  • Intentionally organic forms, both when drawn in and let loose
  • Features for exaggerated interaction with the piece
    • Drawing in the strands 
    • Tying the strands

The aesthetic features often emulate a physical or emotional experience, a feeling beyond form that connects to a conceptual undertone.

New Experience 01_

Living Large


We capture the concept of embracing the oversized in Living Large, allowing for the striking nature of the bag's scale to direct focus in this super practical, high fashion piece. Drawing a viewer’s gaze to its smooth, streamlined curves and expressing the wearer’s statement of a feel for boldness.

New Experience 02_ 

Rocking Bag

We envisioned a minimal and directional style in Rocking Bag to evoke, on one hand, an experience of being aware of its ever-present feel. We created a piece that, for a small scale, draws attention from wearer and viewer alike in its textural, handheld feel but which also, paradoxically, becomes effortless when worn high on the shoulder or looped at the elbow, an extension of us, like a garment that remains fixed to the body with ease.


New Experience 03_

Thought Bubbles


Thought Bubbles

Styles that conjure thought and playful interaction, the designs hold space for your own creative expression and personalisation of the piece that builds upon our initial design expression. It invites collaboration from you as a wearer in creating your unique wearing experience. Draw it in, let it hang loose, fill it up or let it slouch. Tie the strands, this way or that, finding a fit for each use, day to day and over longer stretches of time. How will the piece evolve with you in control?

New Experience 04_ 


Upcycled design

As part of our 'New Experiences', we've embraced a new (to us) form of design, that has taken us on a fresh tangent to expand how we experience making and creating*. In turn, we strive to inspire a desire for renewed, upcycled pieces. We invite you to lean into its unique features and tap into an experience that engages shared values of prolonging the life of pieces and materials in use and embracing new notions of “newness”.

*Read our two A-EYE articles on upcycling for more about our experience.  

New Experience 05_


Drawstring bag



Drawstring bag
The Draw styles ignite both conceptual, subjective experiences and tangible, physical experiences around the concept of drawing in and letting it all out. We found that it pinpointed the notion of interconnection by drawing a line from the outer physical action of drawing and loosening the closure through to the inner physical action of drawing in a breathe and releasing it and finally to a conceptual, internal act of drawing it all out in order to let it all go – experiences that feel relevant to us and perhaps resonate with others during this time also.


New Experience 06_ 


Sliding scale



Tote bag



Tote bag


A curiosity for macro and micro scaling in this collection has led us to altering the experience of a tote. We’ve kept the depth slim and streamlined yet explored height and width to create carriers across three tote sizes, derived from our Grocer Bag designs. First, we scaled up, elongating the common grocery tote height and stretching its width to create a piece that is strikingly enjoyable to wear. Its scale makes you eager to try it on, while its feel and form persuade you to keep on carrying. Second, we shrunk it down, incredibly so, to a tiny grocer, fit for your essentials and playful as a Mini Mellow carrier, sitting snuggly inside. Finally, we explored the experience of simplicity and cross-functionality in an elevated, slimline tote. The feel is classic, but by no means conventional, there’s an ease in this style of piece that points directly to its subjective wearing purposes. How do you see your experience with it?

New Experience 07_ 

Basket off duty
Framed as an experience of pattern familiarity for some, in an entirely overhauled wearing experience, the Basket Off Duty focuses on feeling first. We've scaled to an enlarged carrier, freed the form from the framework of piping and accentuated the slouch factor to emphasise the release of tension in a relaxed Basket structure. 



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