Upcycled: Amanda's Personal Note about the discipline

Our first exhibition of upcycled work was a study of a past loved backpack for which we had left over stock at the Atelier.

I wanted to challenge myself to transform the Drawpack into a bag that would sit comfortably in the new collection, and would by nature of the process serve to inspire new work. This journey in effect sees the design process occur in reverse, the pattern determines the parameters and the limitations create new ideas.

Drawstring style bag


Drawstring style bag

The exhibition of one style in 7 colours has lead me to believe this will be a dedicated design discipline of the future. It's a completely different way of designing and is intriguing for the ideas that emanate.

As one solution for dealing with overproduction in a creative and enriching way I think the lessons are far reaching.

As a brand that does not go on sale we had elected to keep our stock of this past loved piece, and now to reform it and present a digital exhibition of one  'new' bag available to purchase until sold out. The original price has been maintained in spite of the extra work required to upcycle. Each bag feels unique and reflects the craft of upcycling through stitching and fittings. I love the worn look of each piece in spite of each having never been worn. It's the extra Atelier work undertaken on each bag that has done this. I see this as an exciting opportunity to develop as I continue to consider consumption, production, lean production, waste and making locally.



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