The Personal Note

Welcome to my first 'News Note'. This tip list will be loosely related to what I'm wearing, observing and inspired by. I hope you enjoy the insight and its natural connection to what we make. - Amanda Briskin-Rettig | Creator & Founder A-ESQUE


1. Oversized open shirt _

With a high neck singlet underneath, over a wide leg pant or a jean, and under a coat on cold days. It feels like a good (pre-winter knit) option for work and weekend. 

Oversized open shirt

2. Winter eyewear _

I have changed up my eyewear for winter this year and am really enjoying new shapes that work with winter wear. I'd liken this simple change to a new haircut.


Winter eyewear

3. Loafers _

After a lot of rubber-soled shoes last year, I'm enjoying a proper shoe. The loafer has been my go-to for most of the year. Starting a year back with a Church's loafer and now, investing deeper in this look, with a new Prada option that sits beside a few pairs that date back to about 10 years ago. My aged, worn look loafers work with light denim for a less 'put together' feel.




4. Short nails, bright polish _

This has been an interesting (and cheap) change this winter. Suddenly, I'm wearing bright polish with winter wear. I'm loving pink and red. I'm coming off a long while with clear polish or buff only, so this is a big change that I'll observe with interest, in terms of how long it stays in favour and what colour comes next. Today, it's what I would describe as a bright, cheap pink hue that I'm admiring as I type these words. The picture here is not my hand but was the inspiration screenshot that guided my look. I loved the short, rounded shape of the nail.

Short nails bright polish


5. Absorbing & inspired by _  

Creative process. I've long been taken with the words and ideas that Miuccia Prada uses to describe her body of work. I've recently returned to this book and others like it, reflecting my intrigue with creative process, almost more than the outcomes produced. I find it more exciting and inspiring than scrolling the gram.

Inspired by


Inspired by

6. Admiring _

Ageing flowers. I love keeping flowers in a rearranged state as they age. I admire them with their petals neat and tidy at the base of a vase. I change the water and set myself the goal of rearranging, to have them look as beautiful as when they were new. There is unquestionably an underlying sentiment that resonates with graceful ageing and showcasing that beauty, rather than discarding it in favour of freshness.



Road Testing New Work. A little like the nails, I'm loving more bright, bold colour with winter wear. It's working on warm and mild days. The new Halo pattern is refreshingly rigid in its wear, sitting tightly at my shoulder, allowing me to have my hands free without cross body or clutch carry.I recommend the brightness with dark wear for both day and dusk. This piece is launching very soon.



Halo Collection





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