Softly Softly

We invited Yvette Caprioglio to share her experience of using the Bar Bag Mellow Grande. Here is Her Take in words. 

Like its name, the Bar Bag Mellow Grande is both ample yet soft in its approach. You know you’re carrying this bag as it’s reassuring in its size and presence but has this soft lightness to it at the same time.

Substantial in its base, the bag is sizeable, allowing me to carry enough that I need for a day out and by contrast, it works beautifully with minimal contents and becomes a realistically chic option by day or night.

On this occasion I carry a Beige Napa leather piece in soft Italian pebble grain aniline leather with suede lining. It’s always the perfect go-with-anything colour to offset classic black, navy and denim, and looks equally fabulous with brighter block colours like red, sky blue and verdant green or with a print.

This bag’s presence and physicality can be mood defining. I feel erudite as I head out in my leopard print coat with this piece tucked under my arm. I already know people will notice me and my Mellow Grande bag today.

Words Yvette Caprioglio, Experiential Creative, Style Editor Est Living 

Mellow Grande bag

Mellow Grande bag

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