Atelier Insights

My reason for making in Melbourne, for opening our Atelier and investing in our practise is quite simply based on my personal desire to be surrounded by the making process, to enable fast and nimble development of new prototypes and respond with ease to what’s working.

Our investment is in raw materials and our risk lies not in the production of stock but in the limited capacity of what we can do.

That in itself is compelling and interesting. It feeds me with the confidence to believe in continuing to make when the world does not need for what we do. I’m inspired by our industrial Atelier, from the machines to the mess of making, the hum of the hammering, the sound of sewing, the cutting, the clicking and the colours of our raw materials from reels and hardware to the handles on our handmade packaging. All signals of the mood and hues before the product exists and a constant source of creative inspiration.