Established in 2012, by Founder and Creative Director Amanda Briskin-Rettig.

A-ESQUE is an independently owned accessory brand positioned in the contemporary luxury market –  defined by a unique and independent point of view that holds design, quality and a lean production model as paramount.

We are a maker of contemporary luxury leather handbags, subscribing to a lean and local production model of manufacturing in Australia. At the heart of A-ESQUE is our Richmond based Atelier where every piece is made by hand. We live and breath organic growth, with a commitment to partnerships, the development of brand-aligned teams and most importantly direct relationships with our clients and collectors.

Amanda Brisking-Rettig

An Australian-born designer, author of one of the country’s most successful fashion stories and the formidable creative impetus behind label A-ESQUE. In 1996, Amanda founded accessories giant Mimco, and built the brand into a fashion powerhouse over twelve years prior to its sale in 2007. In 2012 inspired afresh, Briskin-Rettig launched A-ESQUE. The label celebrates a rational approach to design that champions traditional artisan skills, high-quality materials, and a functional aesthetic.

Founder and Creative Director Amanda Briskin-Rettig

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