Belt Bag Backstory

Big bags were not what I felt like wearing during ISO. We turned to making use of our leather offcuts by creating a new pattern that used smaller pieces of leather. 

This is how it came about
I kept seeing old school belt bags during my morning walks and every time I went to the supermarket. They were clearly purposeful. I felt like using that familiar shape but nothing I had seen was what I want to wear. In the spirit of continuing to utilise our offcuts we made a very traditional pattern for this very new piece.

Belt Bag Elephant

Worn across the torso or around the waist Belt Bag Elephant

Belt Bag White Wash Beige

Each piece has studs for adjustable wear Belt Bag White Wash Beige

Belt Bag White Wash Black

Worn under a chunky coat or knit Belt Bag White Wash Black

Belt Bag 2.0

Discover the Belt Bag 2.0



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