Style with a Touch of Soul

Simple suggestions for leaning into intermittent, persistent lockdown living.
Although not exhaustive and in no particular order, it expresses a sense of style at present and a touch of soul.

1. Substitute active wear for dishevelled tailoring _

For finding a balance between aesthetic and feel, ease and elevation, structure and flow, staying in and safely venturing out. Layer with Pocket Bag Square.

2. Curated creasing for effortless care appeal _

For ease in countering perfection and embracing natural contours, relaxed but with intention. Drape with Slim Box Hip Bag or pair with Bar Bag Square.

3. Belt Bag transition to high torso wear _

For form-hugging, hands-freeing; fashion in utility format.
Belt Bag 2.0.

4. Fragrance always _

For scent as a personal luxury, an alleviator, a force, a sense of elevation and a connection.
Hold inside an Object Box.

5. Movement critical _

For whichever freeing form it takes for you, motion in the moment, 
structure when necessary and free flowing when felt.
Wear a handsfree Creators Crescent or Belt Bag 2.0.

6. Hydration non-negotiable _

For nourishing, re-focusing, re-boosting and refreshing.


7. Podcast stimulation for futurist thinking _ 

For expanding, absorbing, re-forming, escaping and entertaining.

8. Music is a must _

For stimulation, motivation, task-handling, comfort-finding, forward-moving and letting it all go. Hold device with Slim Box Tote Mini

9. Cut outs on pause, exaggerated proportions prevail _

For playing with volume and form, a boyfriend cut from top to toe.
Layer with Creators Crescent

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