Conscious services

We make every piece exclusively in Melbourne. We do not go on sale but do work with our members to make their experiences with us ones they enjoy and remember. We take pride in our longstanding clienteling service.  

- Highly involved client service allows us to guide your conscious consumption. We welcome and happily offer:
  • Virtual consultations for online showings of our pieces
  • Personalised Atelier visits
  • Personalised product images
  • Additional measurement details
  • Further product information

    We want our clients to love their pieces, which ensures they will cherish wearing them for years to come, extending the use phase in the lifecycle of each piece we create.

    - We open our Archive collection for our clients to select and enjoy past pieces we have available, in order to minimise product waste whilst celebrating the longevity of our pieces as timeless designs.

    - Our Atelier provides a bespoke custom-made service, embracing the slow fashion practice of engaging clients in the process of creating their pieces. We welcome discussions around your preferences and facilitate custom orders of our pieces within our capacity and material supply. Amongst our custom offering, we accommodate personalisation in strap lengths, colours and leather types to our existing collection, or recreations of our past designs upon request, to ensure you have the most ideal piece for you to enjoy.

    - Our Atelier offers a repair service to enhance the longevity of A-ESQUE pieces in use. We celebrate repair and reuse over discarding products with fixable faults, which soon find their way into landfill. We assess repairs to establish what we can accommodate to prolong the life of your piece.